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Our Distribution Model

Tiki Tāne Pictures is Different

Tiki Tāne Pictures is a production and distribution company founded by a team of film industry veterans. Our executives have vast experience in distribution, producing, directing, writing, and acting, along with the critical knowledge of how the industry works.  Our mindset is unique. Our goal is simple.  The independent filmmaker comes first; better terms, transparency, collaboration, and most importantly, integrity. 

Marketing and Release Strategy

The Tiki Tāne Pictures marketing and release strategy is distinctive. We collaborate with the independent filmmaker every step of the way; from the trailer, key art, and marketing campaign, to the release of the film.


Sub-distribution fees are common and at times not disclosed to the independent filmmaker.  At Tiki Tāne Pictures, all fees are inclusive.  Tiki Tāne Pictures has an in-house social media marketing and PR team, that is afforded to the independent filmmaker at no expense.

Capped Verifiable Expenses

All expenses will be capped at a mutually agreed upon amount. These expenses will be actual out of pocket costs required to take your film to market.  We don’t charge any overhead, and if the need arises to exceed the expense cap, Tiki Tāne Pictures will notify the filmmaker of the nature of the expenditure. 

Cash Flow

The Tiki Tāne Pictures cash flow model is different. From the first quarterly report to the last quarterly report during the term, revenue will flow directly to a dedicated CAMA account, providing full disclosure of earnings and precise direction to pay, based on the mutually agreed upon distribution agreement. When money is due to the filmmaker, the independent 3rd party CAMA account promptly makes the payment.


The Tiki Tāne Pictures reporting model is different. You’ll receive transparent, on-time quarterly digital reports that detail how your film is performing in every window, with clear illustrations of fees and expenses.

Distribution Platforms